Non Woven Discs

Non Woven Discs

Product Overview

Crafted from coarse, high-performance non-woven material for long life, DEWALT Non-Woven Discs power through a range of tough applications, including metal surface finishing, decorative finishes, surface prep, and cleaning. A durable loop material delivers excellent holding power to backing pad.

Additional Features

SKU Product Name Disc Diameter Product Pack Quantity Purchase
DADD7NCR10 Coarse Nonwoven Disc (4-1/2" x 7/8") 10
DADG7NCR10 7" Coarse Nonwoven Disc 10
DADB7NFN10 4" x 5/8" Fine Nonwoven Disc 10
DADC7NFN10 4-1/2" fine Nonwoven Disc 10
DADF7NMD10 5 x 7/8" Medium Nonwoven Disc 10
DADA7NCR10 Non Woven Discs
DADH7NCR10 7" x 7/8" Coarse Nonwoven Disc 10
DADF7NFN10 5 x 7/8" Fine Nonwoven Disc 10
DADB7NMD10 4" x 5/8" Medium Nonwoven Disc 10
DADE7NFN10 5" Fine Nonwoven Disc 10
DADF7NCR10 5 x 7/8" Coarse Nonwoven Disc 10
DADH7NFN10 7" x 7/8" fine Nonwoven disc 10
DADG7NFN10 7" fine Nonwoven disc 10
DADD7NFN10 4-1/2" x 7/8"fine Nonwoven disc 10
DADE7NMD10 5" medium Nonwoven disc 10
DADA7NFN10 4" fine Nonwoven disc 10
DADB7NCR10 4" x 5/8" coarse Nonwoven disc 10
DADD7NMD10 4-1/2" x 7/8" medium Nonwoven disc 10
DADH7NMD10 7" x 7/8" medium Nonwoven disc 10
DADA7NMD10 4" medium Nonwoven disc 10



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